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Can You Use A Draught-Excluder With A Sliding Barn Door?

Thursday 30th November 2023

Yes, you can use a draught excluder on a sliding internal barn door. There are a few different types of draught excluders that you can use, and the best type for you will depend on the specific door and the gap that you are trying to seal. Brush seals: These are long strips of brush that are attached to the top and bottom of the door. They are effective at sealing gaps of up to 1/2 inch. Sweeps: These are strips of fabric or rubber that are attached to the bottom of the door. They are effective at sealing gaps of up to 1/4 inch. Door snakes: These are long, flexible tubes that are filled with sand or another material. They can be placed…

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Winter-proofing Your Wooden Doors

Wednesday 29th November 2023

Winter-Proof Your Wooden Doors: A Comprehensive Guide As the chill of winter sets in, it's crucial to prepare your home for the harsher weather conditions. This includes safeguarding your wooden doors, which play a vital role in maintaining your home's warmth and energy efficiency. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to winterize your wooden doors and keep them in top condition throughout the season. Sealing the Gaps: A Barrier Against Cold Air Gaps around your wooden doors can act as unwelcome conduits for cold air, compromising your home's insulation and increasing energy bills. To combat this, consider sealing these gaps using either sealing strips or acrylic sealing paste. These sealants work effectively by collapsing slightly when the door is closed, filling in any…

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Photos Of Your Barn Doors

Monday 2nd October 2023

Why Pictures of Reclaimed Doors Taken in the Workshop Can Look Slightly Different When the Doors Arrive with Customers When you purchase a reclaimed timber door, you're getting a unique piece of history. Reclaimed doors are made from wood that has been salvaged from old buildings and structures. This means that each door has its own unique character, with its own markings and imperfections. You may have noticed that pictures of reclaimed doors taken in the workshop can look slightly different when the doors arrive with customers. This is because there are a few factors that can affect the appearance of a reclaimed door, including: Lighting: The lighting in the workshop can affect the way that the wood looks in photographs. For…

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Choosing Interior Doors for Your Home

Thursday 31st August 2023

Choosing interior doors for your home is an important decision. The style and theme of your home should be the main consideration when making this decision. Modern Homes In a modern or contemporary home, you can choose from a variety of door styles. Light wood shades such as ash or oak, or dark wood shades such as walnut are popular choices. You can also paint the doors black, gray, or brown. For a modern look, the doors should be sleek and have a smooth finish with little detail. Clear or frosted glass is a good choice for windows in modern doors. The door handles should also be sleek and simple. Silver is a popular choice, but you can also choose other colors that match…

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Wood Doors: What’s the Difference?

Wednesday 30th August 2023

Wood doors come in a variety of types, each with its own unique properties. Here is a look at the three most common types of wood doors used in residential construction: Solid wood doors Solid wood doors are made entirely of wood, from the core to the exterior. They are the most expensive type of wood door, but they are also the most durable and long-lasting. Solid wood doors are also the best insulators, making them a good choice for doors that separate rooms with different temperatures. Solid core doors Solid core doors are made with a wood core surrounded by a layer of plywood or MDF. They are less expensive than solid wood doors, but they are still very durable and can withstand…

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