About Us

About Us

Welcome to DoorMate, your premier source for top-quality barn doors and sliding barn door hardware.

Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional products that combine dependability, customer service, and eco-friendly materials.

Our Story

DoorMate was founded in 2009 by Terry Burnett.
Originating from a modest workshop in Cardiff, Terry's journey began in the garage door industry, where he witnessed significant timber waste from old garage frames.

Driven by a passion for recycling and environmental conservation, Terry transformed this waste into a thriving business, creating stylish, eco-friendly doors and sliding door hardware.

Today, DoorMate serves customers across the UK and internationally, reflecting a growing trend towards sustainable and fashionable door solutions.

About Us

Our Heritage

With over 20 years in the Garage, Industrial, and Automatic door industry, Terry Burnett's experience spans every role—from fitter to sales manager.

His extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise in making, servicing, and fitting various commercial doors laid the foundation for DoorMate. Observing the unnecessary timber waste, Terry devised a plan to repurpose reclaimed wood into beautiful, character-rich doors.

Terry's environmental commitment is also rooted in his punk-rock days with the band 'No Choice,' where his experiences fostered a deep appreciation for minimizing waste. The names of our hardware systems—Gainesville, Brooklyn, Covington, and Augusta—are inspired by memorable gigs from his touring days.

About Us

Our Products and Services

Operating out of our workshop in Roath, Cardiff, our skilled team has grown with us, honing their craft with each door and system they build. Our products, all handmade in the UK, include:

The Gainesville - Single Sliding Barn Door System

The Brooklyn - By-Parting Double Barn Doors Sliding Hardware

The Covington - Single Track By-Passing Barn Door Sliding System

The Augusta - Double Track By-Passing Barn Door Sliding System

The Detroit - Sliding Door Box System

We also offer custom door systems and an automatic door option for added convenience and modern flair.

Every product comes with detailed fitting instructions written by our team to ensure ease of installation.

About Us

Our Commitment to Customers

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

From the moment an order is placed, we engage with our customers through a detailed spec request sheet to gather all necessary information.

We provide updates with photos during production, ensuring the final product meets their expectations.

This meticulous process sets us apart, as we anticipate and resolve potential fitting challenges before they arise.

Terry is always available to assist, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience. Our open communication channels, including phone lines and social media, allow for prompt responses to customer inquiries.

Our dedication is reflected in our positive reviews on Houzz and TrustPilot, showcasing our commitment to customer happiness.

Thank you for choosing DoorMate. We invite you to explore our gallery and discover the perfect door solution for your home.