Choosing Interior Doors for Your Home

Thursday 31st August 2023

Choosing interior doors for your home is an important decision. The style and theme of your home should be the main consideration when making this decision.

Modern Homes
In a modern or contemporary home, you can choose from a variety of door styles. Light wood shades such as ash or oak, or dark wood shades such as walnut are popular choices. You can also paint the doors black, gray, or brown.

For a modern look, the doors should be sleek and have a smooth finish with little detail. Clear or frosted glass is a good choice for windows in modern doors.

The door handles should also be sleek and simple. Silver is a popular choice, but you can also choose other colors that match your home's style.

Traditional Homes
In traditional homes, most standard interior doors would suit. White or wood doors in warm shades such as antique pine or oak are popular choices. You can also choose to contrast the wood color of the doors with the wood color of other furniture or flooring in your home.

Traditional doors often have some detailing, such as paneling. The door handles can vary and can be used to add some pretty detail to the doors. You can choose traditional handles, or you can choose modern handles to give the doors a more contemporary look.

Cottage/Farmhouse Homes
If you live in a cottage or farmhouse, you can use traditional style doors to keep the original style of the house. These doors are often made of large wooden planks and have black iron hardware. You can also use sliding doors to give the home a more modern look.

Beach Houses
In a beach house, you want to keep the look of the home light and airy. Light wood or white doors are a good choice. Glass paneled doors are also a good option, as they allow light to flow through the home.

The door handles and furniture should be minimal and simple. You want the doors to blend in with the rest of the home.

Other Considerations
If your home is of a particular era, it is usually best to tie your doors in with that style. This may mean choosing doors that are a certain size or style. You can also use ornate or intricate door handles to make a statement.

Finally, don't be afraid to put your own personal stamp on your home through the introduction of unique and interesting doors. It is your home, so you should have fun with the design process.

I hope this is helpful!