Pocket Door Aftercare

Thursday 3rd August 2023

To store pocket doors before installation, place them flat on a level surface and support them with at least three full-width bearers of the same dimension. Avoid storing the doors in humid or dry environments, and always store them in a well-ventilated area with their protective packaging intact.
Finishing Your Pocket Doors
Before painting or varnishing, sand all surfaces to remove any nibs or finger marks. Sand again between coats to achieve a smooth, even finish.
We recommend using a quality solvent-based finish that will protect the door from moisture and wear. Avoid water-based finishes and Danish oil, as these are not suitable for our products.
Be sure to seal all surfaces of the door, including the edges and any cut-outs. Even if these areas are not visible when the door is hung, they are still susceptible to moisture damage.
Maintaining Your Pocket Doors
Just like any other part of your home, pocket doors need to be maintained to keep them looking their best and functioning properly. Check the finish of your pocket doors regularly for signs of wear and tear. If the finish is starting to chip, fade, or crack, it's time to reapply paint or varnish.
When reapplying paint or varnish, be sure to use the same type of finish that was originally used. This will help to ensure that the new finish matches the old finish and will protect the door from moisture and wear. Some sealants come with suggested time periods within which they should be refreshed. If you're not sure how often to reapply sealant, check the product instructions.
By following these simple maintenance tips, you can keep your pocket doors looking their best.
Aftercare Guide
Clean the doors regularly. Use a mild soap and water solution, or a product specifically designed for cleaning wood or glass. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the finish.
Reapply the treatment every few years. If your pocket doors were unfinished when you purchased them, you will need to apply a finish yourself. A good quality solvent-based finish will protect the doors from moisture and wear.
Check the door hardware. The rollers, latches, and door handles are the moving parts of the door, and they can start to work less smoothly if they are not maintained. Oil them with a light purpose oil to keep them moving freely.
Check the glazing panels. If your pocket doors have glass panels, check them for cracks or condensation. If you see any cracks, the glass will need to be strengthened or replaced. If you see condensation, there may be a problem with the seals on the door.
By following these simple steps, you can keep your pocket doors looking their best and functioning properly for many years to come.