How To Order (On Mobile)

How To Order (On Mobile)

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

First, you'll need to know which system you'll need:

The Gainesville - Single Sliding Door System.
The Detroit - Single Sliding Door System For Limited Headroom Projects.
The Brooklyn - Double Door By-Parting System.
The Covington - Double Door Single Track By-Passing System.
The Augusta - Double Door Double Track By-Passing System.
The Baltimore - Double Door By-Parting System For Limited Headroom Projects.

Once you know which system you want, tap the 'Navigate to' button and select your system from the drop down menu.

Next you'll be taken to a page with a little bit of information about your system, such as how to work out the length of the track you'll need to order and some handy resources like frequently asked questions and a Technical Help page.
Read through this information, then, once satisfied, and armed with the know-how to work out your correct track length, tap the 'Click To Buy Now' button.

Here's where we get a little bit of basic information from you so we can get started on your sliding door kit. We follow up every order with what we call a 'Spec Request Sheet' so we can get the finer details of your order.
Once you've filled in this information, top the 'Add To Basket' button.

Next, you'll be taken to the checkout page, swipe to the bottom and select the country we'll be sending your kit to.
Please note that we are only able to ship to the UK at the current time

Once you've selected your country, you'll be brought to the boring part, filling in your billing and delivery address, let us know who you are and where we'll be sending your sliding door gear.
Please remember that we email out a spec request form to all our customers, so it is essential to make sure your contact phone number and email address are correct and up to date.
Once you've done this, you're ready to check out!

Easy Peasy