The highest level of luxury in sliding doors. Our aluminium systems include ultra smooth rolling hidden mechanisms and ultra low profile tracking. The Curve range comes with inset soft closing dust strips to create a beautiful finish

Frame Colour Options Available:

- Brushed Black

- Satin Silver

Choose your design: This part is very easy, you can select from any of the designs below and even have a combination of designs.

Choose your wood panel or glass colours.

You can choose as many as you want...

We require your opening width and height for your sliding doors. This is the measurements from the floor or the surface that the floor track will sit on to the ceiling or surface that the top track will be fixed. We then do all of the calculations to ensure your doors and track fit in to that space.
It is common for your measurements to be off a little as you move along the space. Please provide us with the smallest of the heights and the largest of the widths.
We ask for phone numbers as this helps our drivers when it comes time to deliver your order.