Single Barn Door

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The quality of wood and decades of ageing make reclaimed timber doors not only beautiful & full of charismatic charm, but an outstanding product,
That's just not there in modern equivalent materials today.
And Its good for the environment too!
We work close with our customers to try to create there vision from there rough sketch or pictures something they have seen and liked door thickness will vary from each customer preference but will be between 20mm - 45mm
Please note! that the sliding track hardware is not included !!! but is available from our shop
DoorMate are a small family run business all our Etsy products are hand made in our own small workshop in south Wales
We don't like to rush our work to hit deadlines so we work to a 4 - 5 week lead time
if its finished before that then that's a bonus so I am afraid we don't have an express option on this product.

Please Remember when ordering Barn Doors, it needs to be bigger than the opening by 30-40mm each side and same on top. example if you have 760mm x 1980mm opening, your door size would be 840mm x 2020mm!!!! so your order size is 700mm - 1100mm