Steel Doors

Industry Leading Protection

Made famous by our Ultra Steel Door, we are renowned for holding the largest range and quantity of security doors for residential, commercial and industrial uses, at the UK's most competitive prices. 

All of our steel security doors and fire exit doors are fully customisable, with a range of colours, security upgrades, glazing, louvres and access devices, such as code locks.
We proudly maintain that our security doors are manufactured using only galvanised steel.
Beware of other steel doors made from untreated material, as simply put, they will inevitably rust no matter the finish.
We also offer custom made steel doors to any size and certification.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Glazing Options
Glazing Options are available for most of these doors to add a personal unique touch to your product, once you have chosen your door you can see the options of glazing here below, alternatively, you may not want glazed doors, in which case proceed with the product form and include None where applicable.

Glazing Options Available

  • 225mm x 225mm Glazed
  • 225mm x 530mm Glazed
  • 225mm x 1524mm Glazed
  • 530mm x 530mm Glazed
  • 530mm x 530mm 2 Glazed (2 windows)
  • Half Glazed Door
  • 2 Half Glazed Door (two windows)
  • Fully Glazed Door